Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BRANDS: How Rebellion Works pt.1

------ Forwarded Message
From: Kevin O'Donnell
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:57:16 -0000
To: Sam Smith , Stuart Green
Cc: TOTEMPOLE , Alex Knight , Tom
, Dave Howell , Dave Cawley
Conversation: This weeks 6 Music Rebel Playlist vote - Send it around
Subject: This weeks 6 Music Rebel Playlist vote - Send it around

Hiya all.

Brakes are in the 6Music Rebel playlist vote this week.
If we blitz this vote, win it by a substantial margin then we can push for a
playlist spot again next week

Can evereyone get all the bods they can to vote on this please? The vote is at the
bottom of Lammo's home page and I've
pasted the info below.

Tom and Tom can we get this info up asap on all the websites too?



Transmission said...

dear simon indelicate
its incredible isnt it.
6 music send you an email which says :
"dear band.
you're up for the vote.
please tell all you friends to vote for you, just so george lamb plays our record once during the following week if you win"

you then vote a billion times, using your multiple email addresses and mobilizing the myspace mailing list. all to get Nemone to say "that was a great show wasn't it. just before the news we'll play 35 seconds of the rebel playlist winner"

I did it. The band i worked for won. simply because i sent a billion emails. we were fake playlisted, then we sold a couple of records. whatever. it stinks.


lyingtothekids said...

Obviously, there's nothing uniquely horrid about this email - It just really annoyed me to have to read it today and thought I'd share.

I think it's the use of the words 'blitz' and 'bods' added to the general treating of people like servants and the total absence of any sense of quality or shame.

Plus, if you are calling a BBC DJ 'Lammo' you can, in my opinion, leave your rebel card at the desk on the way out. It's all broken.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is weak and decadent. The only true power we the people have over our culture (or government) is to hide in our rooms flinging crumpled up bits of newspaper (soaked in our various fluids) at the walls until they stick, and to kill ourselves if anyone forces an entry.

DaveCromwell said...

I think Alexander Velky's "solution is a bit extreme . . .